Did George Washington Hang Out Here?


When we begin work on a table, we are armed with a slew of information provided to us by our customer. With notes taken and samples approved, we know the color of the top, thickness and length of the planks, how many planks will make up the width. We know what leg to use and the amount of distressing, saw marks, knots, tight joints, live edge or no live edge…but we almost never really know how the table will ultimately fit into its decor.

When we saw this one, all we could say was “wow”! And the fact that it was delivered to a home near Boston, conjured up images of Washington and Jefferson and maybe Sam Adams hanging out here, discussing the future of our country.

Still in the shop, getting ready for delivery

Still in the shop, getting ready for delivery.

Another close-up of the warm brown planks.

Another close-up of the table. When the hang tag gets tied, we know this one is a wrap.


And here it is, another New England Farm Table delivered and ready for many, many family gatherings. And, we’d like to think George would approve…

A Perfect Match!

It’s the end of February, and we’ve all had just about enough of this cold, snowy, rainy, dreary weather. I mean enough already! Then we saw these pictures sent to us by our most recent customer and it warmed our hearts.sk pm 1This is Buddy. . sk pm 3And this is Buddy’s new table and bench. image_4A close-up view of the painted, distressed and glazed leg. A perfect finish for a young family. The table top is, as usual, a combination of different stains to really bring out the beauty of the pine. The table measures 38 X 66″ and the center plank alone measures 18″. It’s also 8/4″ thick.

The rustic plank leg bench is full length (meaning it stays to the outside of the legs) and has the cathedral cut-out. We also like to make the color slightly different from the table top as to make it seem like it was acquired at a different time.image_1

Exeter Buddy pmIn addition to being cute, it looks like he’s also serious about quality control. Look out Roscoe!sk pm 4The same day that we delivered this table and bench, we received an e-mail from Buddy’s mom that read “We love, love, love our new table!”  

From these pictures, we can see why. From the light fixture with the Edison bulbs, the artwork, the perfect wall color and, yes, Buddy’s gorgeous coat this table fits beautifully in its new home.

At Home in the Country


We are very fortunate to have so many wonderful clients and, in particular, we truly enjoyed meeting this one. A little over a year ago, his house in the country burnt down to the ground. When he contacted us about building a table, he had a few requests; a new table that didn’t look new, a color scheme to go with the rest of the decor and sized to fit his big, burly hunting buddies comfortably. Maybe he didn’t say “big and burly” but that’s what we took from that.

Anyway, with the details all nailed down, we built his table and delivered it the same weekend he moved back in.”It is exactly what I hoped for” he said, “a table that looked like it had always been there”. And, happy to report we hear that a lot!

BTW, this table measures 38″ X 80-ish” with three 8/4″ thick pine boards.



The Designer Series

PMSD1What happens when a young, hip couple take to designing their own table? Well, this is what happens! Total awesomeness. It’s traditional meets chic. Even the way they composed this still-life photo, it looks like it’s right off the pages of a magazine.

As for the technical info., the base consists of a 3.5″, 2-sided taper leg painted a deep cobalt blue and then distressed. The top is put together with three 5/4″ thick boards (the center plank was about 16″ wide) stained a deep chestnut brown with just the right amount of distressing, or as we like to refer to as “refined rustic”. PMSD2PMSD3

Meet Our Newest Staff Member


Thanksgiving has traditionally been one of our busiest seasons, so this year we decided to add a new staff member…Roscoe, the Beagle. His resume includes a short stint as a hunting dog, which he must have failed miserably at since before he came to us, he spent a bit of time in a kill shelter down in North Carolina. As he is still in training, we will need to keep him on a short lease until he learns the ropes.PMR2Happy to report, so far, so good.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Every Table Tells a Story

As we head into this 4th of July weekend, we are reminded about the history of our country, specifically here in New England. We happen to love the Colonial time period and one of our most favorite places to visit is Colonial Williamsburg. We even use some of the same techniques to make our tables as they used way back then. So, what better table to share with you this time but a true New England-style farm table….

True New England farm table

Ready for Delivery

Here she is all finished and getting ready to be wrapped for delivery. This is always exciting for us because we have spent so much time on every detail and it’s so nice to see it all come together. What makes this table even more special is that this wood came from a hay barn near Durham, CT and as soon as we saw the boards, we knew we had the perfect customer for them. We were able to get three large boards making this table 36” X 85″. A perfect size for empty-nesters or family gatherings.

The Base

The color of the base was chosen by our customer who found a Benjamin Moore color that she really liked. We took that color and made a series of color samples. OK, so that doesn’t sound all that remarkable, but she designed their table while working in Indonesia, making this table our first international sale!!!

True New England style

And here it is, a table designed by a customer in Jakarta, delivered to their summer home in the quintessential New England town of Williamstown, MA…a mere 11 time zones away! The table appears to have always been here,.don’t you think? It fits perfectly against the backdrop of wide plank flooring, paired with these antique spoke back chairs, in a home and town that dates back to an earlier time. In short, timeless.

True New England Style

Live Edge

And here is a close-up of the live edge on the table top and the soft distressing on the apron and the turned legs.

Happy 4th of July!!